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Are Reaching Qualified Financial Planners Your Goal?

Reaching Financial Planners who are qualified to use and advise others about your Products and Services is one of the most challenging issues that many companies have. Welcome to the “Easier Way”! When you look at the kind of Financial Planners who attend our events, and use our On-Demand Services you will find the 20-year veteran Financial Planners who hold 3-4 Licenses and Designations, and typically earn $100,000 – $250,000 per year plus! These are the true professionals in the industry and your Target Market.


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60 Minutes vs. 30 Seconds

You have a choice…

  • You can pay $1 to have 1,000 people walk past you and glance at your signage for 2 seconds, but if they are intrigued, then they will stop and talk to you for 30 seconds.


  • You can pay $1 and have the captive attention of 100 advisors for 60 minutes to tell them all about your product or service.

Which would you prefer?  Presenting at a CE-credits.ca live event is the second option!

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Feedback and Second Chances to make a First Impression

Who ever said you only get one chance to make a first impression. Not at CE-credits.ca events! We do so much more than you get from other events. After the event, we provide you with a detailed Feedback Report that is compiled from the Exit Surveys returned by the attendees. You also receive a CASL qualified Attendees Contact List so you can follow up with attendees after the event. Lastly, we make a PDF copy of your presentation available to the attendees on a private webpage on our website along with a Presenters Contact List so they can contact you!

Be available to Advisors 24 / 7 / 365

About Our Events

If you have every wished that you could be in two places at one time, well, you can if you chose to present at one of our WebCasted events! Each of our WebCast events are broadcast to Financial Advisors across Canada, and recorded. These recordings are then used as content for our on-demand service CE-Now. Through CE-Now we offer your presentation on-demand, and then send you a list of every advisor who has registered for your presentation at the end of each month. To promote your company even more, we would create both company and Presenter pages for you with all presentations that fit into each category so you can refer your contacts to only your presentations.

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