Earn CE Credits

3 Ways to Earn Your CE Credits for your Convenience

In-Person in your City
Live from your Computer
One credit at a time On-Demand

The Financial Planners Forum Live in a City Near You

GTA Events

  • Toronto Pearson
  • Toronto East
  • Markham

South Western Ontario

  • London
  • Hamilton
  • Kitchener

Eastern Ontario

  • Ottawa
  • Kingston
  • Bowmanville

Central Ontario

  • Casino Rama

CE-credits.ca brings our 2-Day Financial Planners Forum to 10 cities across Ontario throughout the year to give the most people access to an event that is built like their practice… Face-to-face!  From the opening remarks, you will notice that the Financial Planners Forum is different than other CE Events that you have attended…  Our events combine a group of relevant presentations with an approach to Continuing Education that makes sense.  How do we do this?  Simple, CE-credits.ca is run by a former Financial Advisor who knows what the Financial Advising business is all about.

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The Financial Planners Forum WebCast on a Computer Near You

The Financial Planners Forum WebCast gives you a new option to watch the event live from any remote location, through your “computer”.  While most Advisors will use their home or office computer to watch the WebCast, you also have the option of watching on any tablet or mobile device!  While you have the options of where you watch, the added benefit that you get by watching live, is that if you have a question, just type it into the question bar, and the presenter will answer your question in real time from hundreds or thousands of kilometers away!

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The Ultimate Control over your Continuing Education

CE-Now On-Demand give you the ultimate way to control your CE Experience, when you choose among the 65 plus presentation currently available online.  No set start time, and no specific location to drive to during your prime business hours.  You have the control to fit CE into your busy schedule, instead of rearranging your calendar to make time for a CE Event from your company.  CE-Now is convenience and control at your fingertips.


You Can Choose:

  • What topics you want to learn about
  • Your preferred companies
  • Your preferred presenters
  • Which specific CE Credits you need for your various Licenses and Designations
  • When you want to watch single or group of presentations

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