At Live Events

The Financial Planners Forum

At Live Events‌

Our Financial Planners Forum is a 2-day live event where you get to interact with your Presenters and your Peers while you learn new information about a variety of topics that are relevant to your Clients and to your business.

The 4 Principles of our Financial Planners Forum

  • Educational
  • Inspirational
  • Verifiable
  • Interactive

Your Registration Includes:

  • 14 Relevant Presentations (No duplicate topics)
    • Including the CFP Professional Responsibility Credit
  • Buffet Lunch (No cellophane-wrapped sandwiches)
  • All day beverages: Coffee, water and soft drinks
  • Top Quality Event Venue with Free Parking
  • Next Day CE Certificate
  • Fun and Interactive Atmosphere

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Why do we do Live Events?

At Live Events‌

Live Events are the cornerstone of Just in the same way that meeting face-to-face with your clients is the cornerstone of any Financial Advisor’s business.

Live Events require a greater commitment from to continue to provide you with new information, while we continue to do our best to improve our events. Live Events also require a greater commitment from the Advisors attending, as they give up time working with their clients to earn their CE Credits. Live Events also require a greater effort from our Presenters as they bring all of their passion, energy, and intelligence to the stage to put on their best performance for you, the Advisor!

There is nothing like being in the room when our presenters perform. Click here to find the next event in your city.
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We commit to provide:

  • A variety of topics relevant to your business
    • We evaluate the topics that the presenters propose for the event to ensure that they are relevant to either your clients, or your business.
  • An interactive environment with your presenters
    • We do restrict our room size to ensure that you have the opportunity to ask the presenter any questions you may have during their presentation. The fact is that your questions are just as important to the presentation, as the PowerPoints slides are.
  • The quality of the event begins with the venue
    • Our events only have one chance to make a first impression, and that is when you come into the hotel! As a result, we have chosen hotels that reflect the quality and class of our events.
  • A good buffet lunch, plus all Hot & Cold beverages
    • No cellophane wrapped sandwiches here! We make every effort to provide you with delicious food during lunch and the afternoon break, including vegetarian options every time. Water, coffee, tea, and soft drinks are provided all day long.
  • Receiving your CE Certificate with Verifiable CE Credits within 24 hours
    • No event is complete until you receive your CE Certificate, and no CE Certificate is complete unless they have the Verifiable CE Credit Codes on them. We are committed to providing you with your CE Certificate by 3:00pm on the day following your Live Event.
  • Having electronic access to all of the presentation slides
    • After each Live Event, we provide all attendees with a direct link to a private page on our website where you have access to a PDF copy of every presentation you saw at the event. Handouts, without wasting paper!