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Kitchener Financial Planners Forum

Thank you for attending our Financial Planners Forum.  Our hope is to provide you with relevant education for the industry, for your business, and for your clients.

These online resources are a way to allow you to review the presentations that were performed for you at the event.  This is a major part of our commitment to ensure that the information provided to you at the event remains relevant to you long after our event ended.

Presentations and Contact Info

In the table below you will find a PDF version of the exact presentation that was made to you at our event.  Please note that some of these pages may look “messy”.  This could be a result of layers and animations that PowerPoint makes look “neat”.  If you would like a clean version of these slides, it is recommended that you contact the presenter directly.

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Crossing The Line

Alan Hoffman, President, Inc


Elevate Your Potential

Randy Taylor, Keynote Speaker & Coach, Taylormade Leadership


Boost Your Prospecting Mastery

Don Xavier, Motivational Speaker, Don Xavier Global Motivation


The Importance of Salary (DI 101)

Jason Allen, Regional Sales Director, La Capitale


A New Conversation with Every Client

Perry Wong, District Leader, Combined Insurance


Rick Matchtinger, Sales Leader, Combined Insurance


Marketing Health Spending Accounts

Adam Hussey, Founder, Blendable

1888-569-9399 x102

Uncover the Mortgage Truth

Sheila Archer, Business Development Consultant, Kitchener / Cambridge / Bresla, Manulife Bank


Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Professional Responsibility Applied!

Alan Hoffman, President, Inc


Helping Your Clients Reclaim Their Life

Larry Hoover, Founder, HomeGuard


Attracting and Retaining Clients with CPWM

Jason Trueman, Portfolio Manager, Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc


A Peek Inside Your Clients Mind

Robert Gignac, Author, “Rich is a State of Mind”


Underwriting Diabetes

Melanie McCallum, Regional Sales Director, Ont SW, Canada Protection Plan

416-447-6060 x359   or   c)647-627-2995

Life Planning for People with Special Needs

John Dowson, Executive Director, LifeTRUST Planning

1-800-638-7256   or   (c)905-868-7870