From Humble Beginnings

  • In a year that many remember for the uncertainty leading to the end of the Mayan Long Date Calendar, Alan Hoffman founded, hosting 3 live CE Events in 2012.
  • Since those humble beginnings, has grown in ways that could not have been imagined in 2012. Today, Financial Advisors get to choose if they want to earn their CE Credits by attending the live events in person, or watch the live WebCast from their home or office computer.

  • Advisors also have the flexibility to decide where and when they earn their CE Credit through the CE-Now On-Demand service operated by

  • Perhaps the greatest innovation that has brought to the industry is the creation of CE-Tracker. This online CE Credits Tracking Service is your CE Compliance Tool that lets you know how many CE Credits you have, as well as how many you need, at ANY time that you want to know. Just input the CE Credits you earn, and let CE-Tracker do the rest.

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Our Management Team has grown from the one-man-show to a company operating with many moving parts.

  • The Management Team
  • The Presenters
  • The WebCast Team
  • The Hotel Event Management Staff
  • Our WebMaster Partners

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The Commitment

When a Financial Advisor registers to earn a CE Credit or a group of CE Credits from, they put their trust in us to provide them with a valid CE Credit that they can then use to renew their License or Designation.  If this is all we did, then we could say that we did our job.


As far as we are concerned, providing a valid CE Credit is only one small part of what we do for every Financial Advisor using our services, every time!

We commit to provide:

  • A Relevant Education
  • Inspirational new ideas
  • Verifiable CE Credits
  • A fun and Interactive Environment
  • Providing every CE Certificate in 24 hours or less
  • Additional after event services.

At, we believe that the CE Credit is the bonus, not the reason to attend our events.

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A Word from Your Peers

The greatest compliment we ever receive is when an Advisor provides us with a written testimonial about their experience at our event. At, we have been fortunate to receive such compliments from Advisors attending every one of our events. While we always try to bring our best to every event for you, it is these testimonials that tell us that we have accomplished our goal.

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