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On Demand

Earn Your CE Credits On-Demand with CE-Now

Choose from over 100 On-Demand presentations to fulfill your CE Requirements.  All presentations are accredited by the FPSC, with 40% accredited a second time by IAFE.  This ensures that these CE Credits are acceptable for most of the Licenses and Designations across Canada.

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Earn 15 CE Credits at a Live Event in a City Near You

We still feel that there is nothing quite like being Face-to-Face with you.  So we travel to 11 cities across Ontario to bring our fun and informative 2-day events to you!  What could be better than earning 15 Verifiable CE Credits in only 2 days?  Getting new ideas to grow your business!  At CE-credits.ca event, you will get both!

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Earn 15 CE Credits on a Live Webcast on Your Computer Anywhere in Canada

No Traffic, No Parking, No Quizzes, No Problem!  Our Live Webcast allows you to watch our Live Event from the convenience of your Home, Office, or even on your Mobile device.  You sign on to the Webcast, and watch the event as it unfolds live.  You can even ask the presenters in the room a question in real time.  Best of all, because our Webcast system tracks the amount of time you are logged in, you do not have to complete any quizzes!

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Track Your CE Credits Online for Free with CE-Tracker

Enter the CE Credits that you earn in CE-Tracker, and the system allocates them to every License and Designation that will accept it.  How does it do this?  CE-Tracker has been vetted and approved by all 16 Governing Bodies across Canada.  CE-Tracker knows what your CE Requirements are, and what CE Credits are acceptable.  All you have to do is enter the CE Credits you earn, and CE-Tracker does the rest!

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CE-Now.ca On-Demand

Try CE-Now for Free, and earn 1 CE Credit with the “Crossing the Line” presentation

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Every CFP Professional must earn 1 Professional Responsibility credit every year!

CE-Now has 3 options available for you On-Demand.

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Need more CE Credits to fulfill your CE Requirements?
Choose from over 100 presentations to build a Customized Bundle at a discount!
The more CE Credits you need, the greater the discount!

5 Credits 10 Credits 15 Credits 20 Credits 25 Credits 30 Credits

Live Events in a City Near You

Earn 15 Verifiable CE Credits in 2-Days

14 presentations, and 14 different topics!  No more theme days that repeat information and concepts every hour.  This event will give you new, relevant, and useful information that will drive your business for the next year.


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Automatically enter the Grand Prize Draw when you purchase a 25 or 30 Credit Bundle

Live Webcast on a Computer or Device Near You

Just login and watch the event unfold on the screen.  No Traffic, No Parking, and No Quizzes


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CE-Tracker:  Your Free Online CE Compliance Tool

Create your personal profile with all of your Licenses and Designations.  Then just enter your the CE Credits that you earn, and CE-Tracker will allocate them to each of your Licenses and Designations.  As a result, you will complete your CE Requirements faster and will less worry.

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